Massage Treatments

Catered to your every need. Enjoy an invigorating massage to take care of any stress and tension or unwind with a softer massage to relax. All our massages are suitable for male or females.

Face, Scalp & Shoulder Massage

A truly relaxing treatment perfect for reliving tension and stress.
Each treatment can be tailor made to suit your needs and help you unwind.

Face, Scalp & Shoulders (25 mins)£30

Well-Being Massage

A personalised massage that will relax your mind and body.
Perfect for when you want to unwind, or ease tired muscles.
Catered to your individual needs you will be left feeling relaxed from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

Back, Neck & Shoulders (25 mins)£29
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins)£34
Full Body (55 mins)£40
Full Body (70 mins)£45

Deep Tissue Massage

Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this customised massage.
This relaxing but tension easing massage will be sure to relieve severe tension using a variety of massage techniques, including the use of elbows and forearms. Perfect for those who like a firmer pressure.

Back, Neck & Shoulders (25 mins)£33
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins) £37

Combi Massage

The perfect massage for when you want a invigorating massage to ease severe tension, but want a softer massage to also relax your mind. Combining two massage techniques, deep tissue on your back and well being on your legs and arms.
Your every need is catered for.

Full Body (55 mins)£40
Full Body (70 mins)£44

Hot Stone Massage

A highly therapeutic massage using warm basalt stones that melt away tension. Warm stones are placed on key energy points, whilst warm oils along with the use of the stones are massaged into the body. This treatment is a complete body experience to balance the mind, body and soul.

Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins)£45
Full Body (70 mins)£57

Mother-To-Be Massage

A truly relaxing and pampering treatment for you to enjoy during your pregnancy. This specialised massage will be adapted at each stage of your pregnancy and is safe from your first trimester. Designed for comfort and relaxation this massage will help ease aches and pains, relax the mind, ease swelling and connect mother and baby as one.

Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins)£40
Full Body (70 mins)£50
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